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La Vie Noire: I need transfeminism. . .










Because patriarchy has done it’s damnedest to poison my body with testosterone.

The testosterone your body produces is not a poison. It is your own body behaving exactly the way nature intended. You can’t blame the patriarchy for that. Please…

You’re right. Her body isn’t male because I say so. Her body is male because her body is male. Nothing I say can change that. And nothing she feels can change that either. You can’t blame society for your chromosomes.

Lol. XY does not male make. Did you ever get past grade 11 biology?

Didn’t take long for worthless dumbfucks to find whoneedstransfeminism though!

Actually XY does make male. You, apparently, don’t know how biology works.

I think this needs repeating: Did you ever get past high school biology? Because you are obviously showing lack of knowledge here if you seriously believe XY=Male.

My background is in genetics*, so I’m going to believe my own self and all th ebooks I’ve read over delusional, mentally ill sociopaths on tumblr.

*This is not an appeal to authority. I’ve been asked about my education twice now.

You claim to have a background in genetics, yet claim that an XY karyotype is the end-all, be-all of genetic sex — as if the SRY gene was never subject to crossover, never deactivated, never nullified by receptor downregulation, and so on and so forth. That makes you a pretty damn lousy excuse for a geneticist.


Also, LOL at this self-proclaimed geneticist thinking zie’s an omnidisciplinary scientist.  Not only does zie have no fucking clue how chromosomes work, zie also thinks trans = sociopath.